Research Generation Workshop

Unsettling Life/Death through Encounters with Marine Life ::
A Cross-Disciplinary Research Generation Workshop

February 4th, 2015 Byrne House, Streatham Campus University of Exeter

In light of climate change and new threats to life on earth and in the ocean, cross-disciplinary collaborations seem crucial. No one way of knowing and meaning-making can capture our changing relations to nonhuman forms of life. Recent studies of marine organisms have generated new ways of figuring ‘life’. Snails that develop with two hearts, ‘immortal jellyfish’, marine microbes that commit ‘suicide’ are some of the examples that challenge anthropocentric conceptions of life and death. The goal of this workshop is to engender conversations among social scientists, artists, and marine biologists around alternative conceptions of life/death inspired by changing life styles of diverse marine organisms. In addition, we hope to explore new ways of collaborating that are attentive to diverging meanings of experimentation and representation within and across the disciplines.

If you are interested in attending the workshop please RSVP to Astrid Schrader ( by January 7th 2015. Please include a brief (one paragraph) biographical description about your interests and expertise in relation to one or all of the following topics:

• Philosophical, empirical, or cultural studies of the relationship between life and death, mortality and immortality, finitude and infinitude

• Studies of the changing ways marine organisms make a living (e.g. life cycle studies) or pathways to death impacted by environmental changes

• Explorations of different kinds of collaborations between arts, science and social sciences